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July 26, 2015 @ 6:00 pm

Julie Bindel - 07.26.15

Julie Bindel is a journalist, broadcaster, author and feminist campaigner living in London. She writes for the Guardian, New Statesman, Standpoint Magazine, The Spectator and the Sunday Telegraph, reporting on culture, music, food, film and sexual and gender identity. She is co-founder of Justice for Women, a feminist campaigning organisation, that supports and advocates for women who have fought back against or killed violent male partners. Julie has worked extensively on research concerning domestic violence, prostitution and sex trafficking.

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July 19, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

John McLaughlin - 07.19.15

John McLaughlin is a wildlife ecologist and population biologist on the faculty at Huxley College at Western Washington University. He studies the wildlife role in Elwha restoration and the effects of climate change on butterflies. We talk today about the restoration of the Elwha River.

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July 12, 2015 @ 6:00 pm

Michael Robinson - 07.12.15

Michael Robinson's work focuses on the protection and recovery of top predators like Mexican gray wolves and jaguars. He has been associated with the Center for Biological Diversity since its founding and joined the staff in 1997. Michael holds a master's degree in literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a bachelors from the University of Texas at Austin; he is also the author of a well-reviewed book on the history of wolves in the United States called Predatory Bureaucracy: The Extermination of Wolves and the Transformation of the West (University Press of Colorado, 2005). Today we discuss ocelots.

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July 5, 2015 @ 6:00 pm

Dahr Jamail - 07.05.15

Dahr Jamail is an award winning journalist and author who is a full-time staff reporter for His work is currently focusing on Anthropogenic Climate Disruption. We discuss the harm caused by massive military maneuvers off of Alaska.

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