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September 7, 2021 @ 8:17 am

Resistance Radio - Guest: Alice Friedemann

Alice Friedemann, the granddaughter of two scientists, is genetically predisposed to do extensive research and exhaustive reading. Much of this was accomplished as she read while walking 10 miles round-trip between home and office.  She was a systems architect and engineer for over 25 years.  She retired from Dilbert Land to devote more time to science writing on energy, ecology, climate change, whole grains, agriculture, infrastructure, pollution, and too many other topics to list (see her website The past few years she has come to see that fossil-fueled western civilization will likely collapse from dozens of factors. Especially oil, the master resource that makes all others possible. Especially in transportation since heavy-duty trucks, locomotives, and ships depend on diesel fuel.  Manufacturing is also completely dependent on the high heat fossil fuels can generate to make cement, steel, microchips, glass, ceramics, bricks and other essential products. Today we talk about her new book Life After Fossil Fuels.

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