Resistance Radio

January 9, 2022 @ 1:15 pm

Resistance Radio: Guest Dr Holly Johnson

Dr Holly Johnson's career in the field of violence against women began as a government researcher and evolved into criminology professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada. Her primary research interests focused on criminal justice and social responses to sexual violence, intimate partner violence and partner homicide, and on the methodological challenges to measuring the nature and prevalence of these experiences. While in the federal government, she was principal investigator of Statistics Canada's first national survey on violence against women and a coordinator of the International Violence Against Women Survey. Dr Johnson was also involved in many other national and international networks aimed at refining research tools, preventing violence against women, and improving interventions and responses to these crimes. At the international level, Dr Johnson served as expert advisor to several UN groups working to develop accurate indicators on violence against women. In her local community, Dr Johnson held membership in the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women, worked with the Ottawa Police Service to improve their response to crimes of violence against women, and worked with the University of Ottawa to address sexual violence on campus.

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