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August 1, 2022 @ 1:29 pm

Resistance Radio - Interview of Mary Chalke and Lisa Linowes

I've always been a nature lover. Living on Nantucket, the beloved, critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whales have been part of my life, as it is for all those who live on the island. I became aware in 2019, of a proposal to transform one of the whales' last nursery and feeding sites, into the nation's first, largest in the world offshore wind array, of 1,400 turbines. I became alarmed to learn the developers were given a special permit to interfere with the whales' basic behaviors when necessary during construction. Our government permitting agencies also intend to use this first array as a "test bed" on our whales and ecosystem, to establish regulation of the industry going forward. I formed Cape and Islands Wildlife Conservation Alliance, to spread awareness and engage those who wish to stop the projects, until adequate studies and steps are in place before construction, to save these magnificent whales from extinction."

Lisa Linowes resides in rural New Hampshire and has been a leading figure in the wind energy debate for nearly two decades. She serves as Executive Director for the Windaction Group, a national advocacy focused on the impact and policy issues associated with industrial wind energy development. Lisa has testified before Congress on environmental issues, and she has held elected and volunteer positions in community planning and land negotiation.

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