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June 13, 2022 @ 1:49 pm

Resistance Radio - Interview of Paul Webb

Paul Webb began career at a famous zoo that specialised in captive breeding programs for rare species. After eight years left with the conviction that captive breeding has no role to play in the conservation of species or habitat. Worked for the ruling family of a Gulf State for many years, turning half the country into a wildlife reserve, and looking after the largest herd of Arabian Oryx in the world, which was by then extinct in the wild. Organised and funded numerous projects all over the world to preserve the rare flora and fauna and participated in field work to secure the habitat of numerous species. Produced a book on the wildlife and environment of the region for the ruling family. Spent four years in the remote and forbidden zones of the southern Maldives writing and producing a book on the environment for the President's Office of the Maldives. Now a full-time writer and researcher specialising in the conservation of habitat and wildlife, having recently published my latest work 'The Second Level of Extinction - Wildlife, Conservation and the Myth of Captive Breeding in Zoos' and am presently working on a volume about the Black-Footed ferret captive breeding and reintroduction scheme by the USFWS.'

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